Where it's all done

We are located next to the Washington Olympic Peninsula Rain Forest (120" to 180" of rain a year here!) Lots of beautiful maple and other hard woods around here!

We do a lot more than just full custom builds here, we also make custom components such as Necks and Bodies, Inlay work, Refurbishing, Refinishing, and Fret work.

We keep the shop at a constant 45-50% humidity which is the recommended level for a stable wood working environment.

Here are a few photos of our shop and some of the operations that go on here.

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High grade Tone wood:

Here we have just a few samples of the kind of wood we use in our instruments. We also have a large stock of Maple Billets and Book Matched sets for sale. Email us your needs and we will send you pictures and prices for what we have that might fill them.   info@eercustom.com

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